Cylinder Repair Kits

Cylinder repair kits contain components used for the maintenance, repair and replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders are mechanically inclined devices that use compressed fluid to generate motion. Pneumatic cylinderson the other hand generate movement via compressed air or gas.

Types of cylinder repair kits

Cylinder repair kits are available in two main categories:

  • Comprehensive hydraulic repair kits contain items like wiper rings, packing assemblies, bearing rings, piston bearings, wave springs, set screws, and nylon balls. Specific sealing repair products are also available as bearing kits to use as support for piston rods.
  • Pneumatic repair kits contains replacement parts for compact cylinders, and include combinations of bore, piston, tube and cushion seals.

What are cylinder repair kits used for?

These kits are used to repair and carry out maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders are used in cranes, booms and for lifting and transporting loads. They are also found in presses and packing machines, as well as mobile equipment like construction vehicles or agricultural machinery.

Pneumatic cylinders are used in packaging machinery, automation equipment and chemical handling applications.

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QA PRA/181000/M, PRA/182000/M, RA/8000
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CQ2 63 mm Bore Compact Cylinder
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CQ2 32 mm Bore Compact Cylinder