Plastic Pipe Cleaners

Plastic pipe cleaners are specially developed for cleaning solvent jointed plastics and removing ingrained dirt. They are typically available in spray format for easy application.

How do you use plastic pipe cleaners?

Plastic pipe cleaners can be sprayed onto a piece of white tissue paper to clean any dry surfaces until they are free of grease, dirt and lubricant. A new piece of tissue should be used for each cleaning session. If pipes are to be bonded, they must be thoroughly cleaned of heavy dirt and surface deposits before applying pipe cleaner. Prior to any welding, residual solvent vapours must be removed from pipelines by filling the pipes with water and thoroughly flushing them through.

What materials can plastic pipe cleaners be used on?

Most plastic pipe cleaners can be applied to bonded joints and fittings made from PVC-U and a wide range of plastics. These are generally PVC-U (rigid PVC), PVC-C (post-chlorinated PVC) and ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene). They are usually not suitable for polyolefin weld joints.

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