Plastic Pockets

What is a Plastic pocket?A Plastic wallet is a tool used to collect and organise all your papers together in one placeHow do they work?You place your paper or document in top a slit at the top and slide it down into the plastic wallet.Different types of plastic pocket include: A4 – A4 pocket wallets are the most common because A4 is the most common type of paper used. Business card wallets – Same purpose, except they are sized to hold individual smaller style business cards. A5 – For larger types of documents, A5 serves your needs to store your A5 documents.Features and benefits: Transparent for viewing without removing Safely conceals your document in plastic to protect it from water or dust damage Typically they house holes on the left hand side allowing for storage in folders. Anti-static properties in some wallets Polypropylene plasters will not lift ink from documentsWhere might I use one? In your office At home Businesses Administration Receptions

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