LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights are an excellent way to illuminate large indoor or outdoor areas. They use less energy than their halogen counterparts, and are capable of greater luminosity, so LED floodlights are an effective and efficient lighting solution.

LEDs (or light emmiting diodes) are a proven way to reduce energy while providing high power lighting. Whether you’re illuminating a sports field or a warehouse floor, RS Components offers LED floodlights from leading brands to suit your needs.

The RS Components range offers floodlights with various degrees of luminosity, with colour temperatures from warm white to cool white depending on your requirements. We're confident we can support your industrial or commercial LED lighting installations.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Floodlights

LED floodlights are ideal for outdoor lighting. With IP Ratings from IP54 to IP65, there are models available to withstand even severe weather conditions. The RS range also presents different mounting options for exterior locations, with wall mounting brackets that are ideal for loading bays, and pole mounting that are typically used for playing fields and car parks.

Solar Power Floodlights

Some LED lighting kits come with solar power panels built-in or included. For lower power outdoor installations, it is possible for the solar panel to automatically charge the lighting set up during daylight hours, providing all the power that is needed to sustain its use throughout the night time.

Portable LED Floodlights

There are also smaller, portable LED floodlights available, with highly durable casing and adjustable stands for maximum versatility. With rechargeable and plug-in options available, these portable LED work lights are ideal for technicians, builders and maintenance workers. As LEDs are shock resistant compared to other bulbs, and as they emit more lumens per watt than incandescent lights, they are well suited for portable applications.

Durable Floodlights

To support installations in all kinds of environments, the RS range of LED floodlights offers those housed in robust aluminium, to lighter weight ABS plastic. They are rated to various standards to comply with workplace safety, and IP67 models are available for harsh environments. Slimline floodlights are also available for when space saving is a concern.

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