HID Floodlights

HID (high-intensity discharge) floodlights use electricity and gas to produce light. HID floodlights create an electric arc between electrodes, which are housed inside a translucent or transparent tube. This tube is filled with an inert gas. It is this arc through the gas which makes the light. Inert gases are safe for this purpose as they have extremely low reactivity with other materials.

What are HID floodlights used for?

HID floodlights are used in areas where a lot of light needs to be produced and energy efficiency is important. They can be found in large open areas such as petrol stations and car parks or in large indoor areas such as gyms and supermarkets. HID floodlights are fixed in place with a permanent mount and take advantage of many other floodlight accessories to extend their functionalities.

Types of HID floodlights

HID floodlights vary in size, output power, light intensity and packaging.

The chemistry used in the lamp (choice of inert gas and electrode material) will affect the appearance of the light produced. Mercury-vapour lamps create a blue-green light, metal-halide lamps produce a neutral white light and sodium-vapour lamps create a deep yellow-orange light.

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SON-T 400 W Yes 505mm Asymmetric 448 mm 148 mm IP65 Die Cast Aluminium
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