Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are commercial and consumer products that emit a fragrance to create a clean, fresh and pleasant smelling atmosphere. Air fresheners come in a range of many different scents and are available in a variety of formats, such as:
● Sprays
● Candles
● Gels
● Beads
● Plug-ins
● Reeds
Air fresheners work by masking or neutralising odours and can be instant action or continuous action. Continuous air fresheners release fragrance continuously into the room they are in. For example, a plug in air-freshener constantly emits a scent. An aerosol spray, on the other hand offers an instant solution.

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RS-stocknr. 100-074
FabrikantKimberly Clark
13,84 €
Aantal stuks
310 ml Aqua Aircare Dispenser, Ripple Aircare Dispenser refill Kleenex 310mL Citrus
RS-stocknr. 183-1492
FabrikantKimberly Clark
86,80 €
1 Box of 6
310 ml - Cassette Melodie - -
RS-stocknr. 917-0789
FabrikantKimberly Clark
99,76 €
Aantal stuks
- Aircare Fragrance Refill - - - -
RS-stocknr. 917-0785
FabrikantKimberly Clark
132,63 €
1 Box of 5
300 ml Aircare Dispenser refill Kleenex 5 x 300mL Multi Fragrance Pack