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    Cleaning Sprays & Fluids

    Whether you're working in a heavy-industrial environment or a domestic setting, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is highly important. Not only for the health, safety & wellbeing of yourself and others, but also to ensure that all machines and systems involved continue to work to the best of their ability.

    At RS, we carry a wide range of cleaning sprays and fluids to ensure that all our customers can maintain their working environments easily and efficiently. From multipurpose cleaners to specialised products, we are sure you will find what you need.

    Types of Cleaning Sprays and Fluids

    Adhesive Removers–formulated around solvents that dissolve stubborn adhesive ingredients, these cleaners can remove substances such as glues, labels, wax and gum from a wide variety of materials.

    Air Dusters–cannisters of compressed gas used to remove dust, dirt and airborne debris from equipment, electronics and hard-to-reach areas. Typically used to clean computer fans, circuit boards, computer keyboards and laptops, air dusters are ideal for cleaning sensitive equipment as they do not produce any moisture.

    Degreasers – for stubborn substances or stains that don't respond well to cleaning with water, such as greases, lubricants and oils.

    Disinfectants and Sanitisers –for cleaning and sanitising an area or surface, these products introduce high concentrates of chemicals designed to remove bacteria and viruses. These may be chemicals to specifically kill certain types of micro-organisms or to target a smaller range of diseases, and can be liquid or air-based, depending on the specific requirements of each situation.

    Multi-Purpose Cleaners – Using a combination of chemicals that are commonly used for different appliances, multi-purpose cleaners are compatible with a wide range of surfaces and/or devices (always read the manual or instructions to ensure compatibility).

    Screen Wash – One of the simplest elements of car maintenance, screen wash is designed to remove road grime, bugs and dirt to maintain a clean and clear windscreen while driving.