Solder D-sub Connectors

Solder D-sub connectors, or solder D-sub plugs, are a type of electrical connector. As their name suggests, solder D-sub connectors are designed to be connected into your circuit using solderand a soldering iron.

Mounting options for solder D-sub connectors

You can hoose from a range of mounting options for your solder D-sub connector, including:

  • Printed circuit board mount – terminations include solder buckets or straight and right-angled solder pins for easy mounting to printed circuit boards.
  • Cable mount – connectors with solder cup terminals and mounting flanges for cable mounting.
  • Panel mount – connected to a panel in your printed circuit board.

Solder D-sub connector applications

Solder D-sub connectors are commonly used in computing to provide power and point-to-point communications between two devices, such as between a printer and a computer. The range of devices they can be used to connect includes scanners, remote sensors and data loggers, industrial and medical equipment, and portable electric generation equipment.

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1 Male Cable Mount - - - - 40A Solder 1 kV Gold - - IP66, IP67
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1 Female Cable Mount - - - - 40A Compression, Crimp 1 kV Gold - - IP66, IP67
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17 Female - - - 17W2 - - - - - - - -