RJ Patch Panels

RJ (registered jack) patch panels are used to organise multiple network connections into a limited space. In this way, they work on the same principal as other types of patch panel, but are specifically designed to work with RJ connectors, which are a standardised type of connections most often used in telecommunications.

How do RJ patch panels work?

RJ patch panels consist of a number of different ports to which cables can be connected. The different ports are usually labelled to make organisation clearer, and this also makes it easy for individual connections to be added or removed from the network patch.

Types of RJ patch panels

RJ patch panels can differ in the number of ports they hold, which affects how many different connections they can work with. This also impacts on the size of the patch panel. They may also be specifically designed to work with certain types of RJ connections, for example RJ21 or RJ45.

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RS-stocknr. 409-1224
FabrikantDecelect Forgos
5,42 €
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RS-stocknr. 409-1022
FabrikantDecelect Forgos
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- 16 RJ45 - 1U 43.7mm 483mm - Black - -
RS-stocknr. 409-0990
FabrikantDecelect Forgos
140,47 €
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Cat5 16 RJ45 FTP 1U 43.7mm 483mm - Black - -