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    Cable Management

    Cables are everywhere, and if not properly managed can pose some serious dangers to both employees and the general public. Having the appropriate cable management system in place not only prevents accidents and damage but also keeps your cables and wires organised, tidy and out of view.

    Using the right products to organise and protect your cables and wires can offer many benefits including improving performance, extending lifespan as well as reducing maintenance time and repair costs.

    Here, at RS we have a comprehensive selection of cable management products, tools, and accessories suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. Our range of cable management products is designed to suit you, no matter how big or small the electrical installation.

    What are the different types of Cable Management Products?

    Cable management products are designed to protect, organise, and install your cables and wires. They can be categorised into the following types

    Cable Tidies

    Cable tidy products include cable covers and spiral wrapping. They are designed to keep your cables neat, tidy, and together in one place. Cable tidies prevent trips, snagging and unplugging of cables.

    Cable Managers

    These include cable trays, cable trunking and conduit. They are designed for the containment, protection, and distribution of cables in factories, offices, buildings, and other structures.

    Cable Labelling

    Designed for marking cables, wires, and conduit. They are essential for ensuring your cable network is clearly identified. They enable the quick and easy identification of cables, saving time when troubleshooting, updating, and changing cables.

    Cable Storage

    These include cable racks, cable reels and cable holders. They are designed to keep reels of cable organised and free from twists and tangles.

    Cable Tools and fittings

    These include cable rods, conduit fittings and cable grommets. They are designed to make the installation and connection of cables quicker and more efficient.


    Our accessories are complimentary products that are used in conjunction with other cable management products. They are designed to help you with the installation, fitting and finishing of your cable management systems. They include cable marker accessories, cable tray accessories, cable trunking accessories and floor box boxes and accessories.