Cable Tie Tensioning & Bundling Tools

Cable tie tensioning tools are used to precisely tension ties that hold cables together. These tools are designed for very specific tasks. For instance, some cable tie guns are designed to operate in areas without access to electricity while others are suitable for use in hard to reach areas.

What are cable tie tensioning tools used for?

Cable tie tensioning tools have a significant role to play in securing cables to not only ensure proper function and preserve the integrity of cables, but also to meet industry codes. They are built to perform their functions with minimal effort from the user while staying functional even after long-term use. Most versions are fitted with a cutting blade used to trim off excess cable tie after tensioning.

Types of cable tie tensioning tools

Cable tie tensioning tools are designed to work with the different materials, such as nylon and stainless steel, used to make cable ties. They are usually provided with replaceable blades and controls that allow you to adjust the tensioning force exerted on the cable ties.

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RS-stocknr. 803-4604
FabrikantPhoenix Contact
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UNIFOX-CT M 7.9 Hand Tool 7.9 mm - Metal - 606g
RS-stocknr. 803-4531
FabrikantPhoenix Contact
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UNIFOX-CT 4.8 Hand Tool 2.2 → 4.8 mm - Metal - 401g
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FabrikantPhoenix Contact
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UNIFOX-CT 4.8P Hand Tool 2.2 → 4.8 mm - Metal - 425g