RCA Cables

What is an RCA Cable?

RCA cable or RCA connector sometimes called a funnel connector or cinch connector is a type of electrical connector used to convey sound and video signals. They have two RCA connectors at each end-one for the left channel and one for the right channel.

What does RCA stand for?

Name RCA derives from Radio Corporation of America who developed the connector in the 1940’s.

The most popular is 3.5 millimeters and these became predominant in personal stereo systems. The connections plug is called an RCA plug or Phono plug for a photograph.

What does an RCA audio connection do?

A stereo analogue audio connection is used to send 2-channel analogue audio signals between devices. It supports stereo audio only. RCA audio connection can be also used for mono audio, and in this case, only one connection is required.


If your device has an HDMI port, optical audio or coaxial digital audio connections then RCA plug is the best option in terms of connection.

It can be also used for:

• TV
• Audio/Video
• AC/DC charger
• Motherboard
• Audio communications and telecommunications

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