9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries

The nine volt battery is a commonly available battery that is often used for smoke detectors. Identified by its rectangle shape, the 9 volt battery has a snap in connector, which can be convenient for linking several nine-volt batteries in a series, if necessary.
Although there is a common size for 9-volt batteries, there are size variations available, such as PP3 and PP9, allowing for higher charge capacities.
The rechargeable variation of 9 Volt batteries allows the battery to be re-used, often saving on expense over time, and creating a more environmentally friendly option than disposable batteries.
• Smoke Alarms
• Walkie-Talkies
• Small Portable Appliances

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Omschrijving Prijs Brand Range Model Number Chemistry Capacity Size Terminal Type Operating Temperature Range Nominal Voltage
RS-stocknr. 199-646
FabrikantRS PRO
7,02 €
Aantal stuks
- - NiMH 200mAh 9V Press Stud -10 → +60°C 8.4V
RS-stocknr. 229-059
FabrikantRS PRO
56,54 €
Aantal stuks
- - NiCd 1.3Ah PP9 Press Stud -20 → +65°C 8.4V