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    Trucks, Trolleys & Lifting Tables

    The range of trucks, trolleys and lifting tables from RS can meet any industrial requirement. In this section, you'll find pallet, sack and cylinder trucks plus a large selection of trolleys and lifting tables in a variety of materials from plastic to stainless steel. Many of the trucks, trolleys and lift tables are available as RS Pro, to help you cut the cost but not the quality.

    Types of Truck

    • Cylinder Trucks - have an ergonomic design for the safe manual handling of individual cylinders in a range of different diameters. They're fitted with a galvanised chain to hold cylinders securely in the trolley while in motion, preventing them from tipping up and falling over.
    • Pallet Trucks - designed for lifting and moving pallets using forks that slot into the gap beneath a pallet. Common in stockrooms that use wooden pallets frequently and a great alternative to a forklift.
    • Sack Trucks - are ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads, which reduces the strain put on individuals and the risk of injury. Heavy duty sack trucks are made from particularly hardwearing materials, making them suitable for lifting and loading heavier loads.

    Types of Trolley

    • Trolleys - for use in various applications such as in retail, offices, warehouses, cleaning, kitchens, medical, hotel and workshops. Trolleys enable the easy movement of large and small components and come in different styles, materials and load capacities.
    • Platform Trolleys - are handled trolley designed to carry items such as boxes or packages across distances. The undercarriage of the platform will have wheels that make them highly portable.
    • Trolley Jacks - are used to lift a vehicle off the ground and can be used as a temporary support.
    • Dollies - are flatbed platform transportation units with wheels, ideal for moving around bulky or heavy objects over long distances.

    Types of Lift Tables

    • Scissor lift tables - take the strain when you need to lift and manoeuvre heavy items through small distances, avoiding repetitive heavy lifting and therefore also many health issues.
    • Double scissor lift tables - offer the same benefits as a single scissor lift table but can reach a greater height from 1.75 m to over 4 m.