3 kW Water Heater with Stainless Steel Heating Element, Thermostat not Included, 220 V ac

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RS PRO Vat Water Heater Elements

RS PRO over-the-side heater element which comes with a choice of sheath materials for use in open vats.

Due to their design these heating elements are ideal for many industrial processes that use heated solutions contained in open vats or vessels.

RS PRO vat heaters with over-the-side fixing include:
374-727 - Mild steel over-the-side vat heater element, 2 kW
374-733 - Mild steel over-the-side vat heater element, 3 kW
374-749 - Titanium over-the-side vat heater element, 3 kW
374-761 - Stainless steel over-the-side vat heater element, 3 kW

RS PRO have a great range of water heater elements to suit all your requirements and are available in various materials including aqualoy, incoloy, steel and titanium.

Features and Benefits:

• Voltage ratings from 220 V ac and power ratings from 3 kW
• Suitable for heating vats and open topped tanks

Typical Applications

Hot water is an essential part of everyday life and to have a precise temperature control and delivery on demand can be crucial. Immersion heaters are electric heating elements that are found in water cylinders to heat water. These elements perform like a kettle to heat the surrounding water in the cylinder. One key advantage of an immersion heater element within your heating system is that if the boiler fails, you should still be able to get hot water. The element usually has its own power supply which means that it can be turned on and off when needed so that water is not constantly being heated unnecessarily.

• Hot water heating

How do water heater elements work?
A water heating element is a pair of upper and lower heating elements that fit into a water heater of some sort. An electric current is passed through the elements which then heats the cold water to the selected required temperature. The temperature is set externally on the thermostat.

What causes water heater elements to burn out?
Below are some causes:

  • Power surge - a sudden voltage increase to the element caused by a power surge can be enough to burn out an element.

  • Wires - a bad connection can cause an element to stop working.

  • Thermostat tripping out- these have a high limit switch that shuts off power to the elements when temperatures exceed normal.

  • Minerals - sediment collects at the bottom of the water heater tank, encasing the lower element. Forced to work harder, the element eventually fails.

  • Air pockets - these allow the upper element to burn while not immersed in water, resulting in failure.


Although these elements are designed for use in water, it is possible to use these elements in a variety of solutions, however it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer prior to specification.
When installed the lower heated part must be completely immersed.

Kenmerk Waarde
Tank Heater Type Over the Side
Power Rating 3 kW
Heating Element Material Stainless Steel
Immersed Length 762mm
Thermostat Included No
Supply Voltage 220 V ac
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Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 - 9
228,36 €
10 - 24
214,66 €
25 +
203,24 €
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