RS PRO Soldering Aid Tool, for use with Soldering Tools

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RS PRO 3 Piece Solder Aid Kit

Introducing the RS PRO 3 piece solder aid kit, a lightweight and durable tool set ideal for assisting with soldering and desoldering tasks. The 3 piece kit includes a hook, reamer, knife, scraper, brush and fork tips in one handy set, allowing you to scrape, clean and remove solder and wires safely and efficiently with precision. The kit is perfect for use with a range of soldering tools and is an essential asset for soldering tasks.

Features and benefits

• Lightweight yet durable design
• Ideal for a range of soldering and desoldering tasks
• A range of tools included suited to specific tasks
• Ergonomic handle for comfort and control
• Tough wearing shafts


Soldering aid kits are an essential hand tool kit when working with solder joints. The versatility of the kit allows you to carry out a range of tasks from brushing connectors to hooking wires. They are perfect for use when working with miniature parts and components such as motherboards and microchips, due to the slimline design and precision tips.

What is included in the set?

The RS PRO 3 piece soldering aid kit includes:

• Hook - extract components and wires
• Reamer - smooth out solder
• Knife - cut PCB (printed circuit board) tracks
• Scraper - remove flux residue and unwanted solder
• Brush - clean connections and components before soldering
• Fork tips - grip wires for wrapping and unwrapping

What is the overall length of the tools?

The tools have an overall length of 175 mm.

What can the kit be used with?

The RS PRO 3 piece solder aid kit can be used with a variety of soldering tools and equipment such as a soldering iron, tweezers, soldering station and more.

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