3M 7523M Half Mask Respirator

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3M™ Reusable Half Mask Respirator Kit, A2P3 R Filter, 7523M

The 3M 7523M is a ready made kit with a reusable half face respirator mask and an A2P3 filters helps to provide protection against organic vapours and particulate hazards. 3M are one of the best to ensure you uphold your safety and health.


The 4277 respirator mask features twin lightweight filters, which can be specialised to suit your individual needs. Fitting the respirator is easy with the head cradle with two neck straps. Its lightweight design makes this reusable respirator a favourite for professionals, to fit and dismount swiftly between safe and contaminated areas.


Once the straps are adjusted the face piece is fully secured to the user’s face not allowing any harmful gases or particles to be inhaled. The 7523 offers versatility for various environments and applications, with the approved cartridges and filters. The respirator already comes within a kit offering the A2P3 filter that protects against gas, vapour and particules. However it can be used with 6000 Cartridges, 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 series filters. They are all easily attached with a quarter turn twist on and off onto the face piece.

Features and Benefits

Ready to use respiratory kit with 3M™ Reusable Half Face Mask 7502M and 3M™ Filters offering A2P3 R protection

Half mask with a soft silicone face piece for comfort

Bayonet connection fitting system to easily connect filters to mask

3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve provides easier breathing and reduced heat and moisture build-up

Low profile, twin filter design half mask for a balanced secure fit

3M™ Bayonet Connection: Flexible system for connection to a wide range of 3M™ gas, vapour & particulate filters

Size: Medium

Typical Applications

Industrial Maintenance


What is the difference between a respirator and a standard face mask?

Respirators allows for a higher filtration efficiency and better fit than standard face masks. All respirators must be approved by CE/NIOSH with an assigned approval code on each respirator if you’re unsure about a respirator or a standard face mask.

What is a NIOSH Approved Respirator?

The NIOSH regulates the manufacture and testing of respirators, along with cartridges, filters and supplied air systems.

How long do particle filters last?

As particle filters load up with the contaminant they actually become a better filter. However, they become a harder filter to breathe through. The user will notice breathing becoming too hard and will then need to change the filter.


EN140:1998 (7501, 7502 & 7503), EN141:2000 (6051, 6054,6055, 6057, 6059, 6075 &6096), EN143:2000 (2125, 2128,2135, 2138, 5911, 5925,5935, 6035)

Supplied with

x1 7523M Respirator
x2 A2P3 Filters

Kenmerk Waarde
Type Half Mask
Size M
Hypoallergenic Yes
Series 7500
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Prijs Each
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(incl. BTW)
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63,85 €
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