Molex Ratchet Adapter Set for IDT

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Molex IDC Termination Hand Tool for Feed-Thru and Feed-To Harness

From Molex a manual IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) termination tool made from high-quality materials designed to terminate IDC connectors onto a wiring harness. This tool acommodates both unterminated wire harnesses (Feed-To) and wire harnesses which are already terminated on one end (Feed-Thru). The terminated wire harness is simply fed through the tool allowing the opposite end to be terminated. The hand tool consists of handles, ratchet mechanism and a head in the form of a frame which supports a track, bracket, insertion blades and pusher for aligning the connector and harness during the termination process.

Ratchet Mechanism

The ratcheting is pre-set to a specific force and remains locked until the handles of the tool are fully closed and the termination is complete. Once the cycle is complete the handles will spring open. The ratchet also enables the operator to repeatedly produce consistent, high-quality terminations. If jamming or terminal misplacement occurs the handles can be easily opened by pressing the ratchet release lever

Insertion Blades

The insertion blades on this tool are clearly marked with the connector series on both sides with teeth aligning with the specific connectors terminals. These blades are placed into the pusher on the hand tool. Depending on whether the harness is 'feed-thru' or 'feed-to' the orientation of the blades may need to be changed.

Adjustable Stop Screw

The purpose of the stop screw is to align the terminals of the connector to the teeth on the insertion blade. The stop screw can be adjusted by loosening the lock nut and turning the screw as required.

Adjustable Cable Stop Bracket

The cable stop bracket positions, aligns and supports the harness and connector during termination. To accommodate both feed-thru and feed-to harness terminations the cable stop can be easily rotated

Adjustable Handle Force

Over time it may be necessary to adjust the pre-set handle load force in order to obtain the exact termination conditions. This is achieved by turning a numbered setting wheel with a screwdriver either anti clockwise or clockwise to the next highest number on the dial.

Key Features and Benefits

• Manufactured from high-quality materials
• Acommodates both Feed-To and Feed-Thru wire harness terminations
• Ratchet mechanism ensures a full termination is completed
• Emergency ratchet release lever
• Clearly marked insertion blades
• Adjustable stop screw and stop bracket for accurate alignment and positioning
• Adjustable handle force allows on-going tool adjustment


This IDC hand termination tool is designed for use in low volume, prototype and field repair applications.

Questions and Answers

What Terminals can this IDC Termination Tool be used with?
This hand tool is designed for terminating 26 or 28 AWG flat cable onto Molex 1.27mm pitch PicoFlex PF-50 low profile IDC receptacle connectors which have 4 to 26 circuits.

Are there any Spares available for this Tool?
Yes, a main spring is available - see stock number 822-7821

Molex Hand Crimping Tools

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Crimp Connector Type IDT
Crimp Tool Type Ratchet
Overall Length 200 mm
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