TE Connectivity Insertion & Extraction Tool, AMPLIMITE Pin Contact

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TE Connectivity 91285-1 Insertion/Extraction Tool Kit for AMPLIMITE HD-22 and HD-20 Contacts

The TE Connectivity 91285-1 is an insertion and extraction tool set for AMPLIMITE HD-20 and HD-22 connector contacts. It is primarily designed for contact-to-housing applications.
The 91285-1 tool comes with a selection of insertion and/or extraction tips which are interchangeable, so you can move seamlessly between tasks. The 91285-1 includes a hex wrench for changing the tips.
All the tips are stored within the handle of the tool, making them easily accessible when you need them most. Each tip is colour coded to help you easily identify the one you need.
Replacement tips can be purchased separately. Full assembly instructions, including how to insert/extract wire crimped contacts can be found on the datasheet.

• Insertion/Extraction tool kit
• Built-in tip storage
• Interchangeable tips
• Easy to use

What’s included?
Insertion/Extraction Handle
Hex Wrench (0.05”)
6 x Insertion/Extraction Tips

What tips does it come with?
1 x 543382-5 : HD-20 28-20AWG Insertion Tip
1 x 1-543382-0 : HD-20 24-18AWG Extraction Tip
1 x 1-543382-1 : HD-20 28-24AWG Extraction Tip
1 x 543382-6 : HD-20 Posted Extraction Tip
1 x 543382-7 : HD-20 Posted Insertion Tip
1 x 543382-8 : HD-22 28-22AWG Insertion/Extraction Tip

Note: this hand tool is intended for low volume applications.

TE Connectivity AMPLIMITE D-Subminiature Connectors

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