Chauvin Arnoux P01120434B Power Quality Analyser Clamp, Accessory Type Clamp, For Use With CA8230 UKAS

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CA8230 Power Quality Analyser

Portable hand held single phase power quality analyzer ideal for maintenance, inspection and testing of electrical installations and electrical networks. It can be used for a snapshot of the main characteristics of a network and to track variations of the different parameters over time.,The multi-tasking measurement system simultaneously performs all functions required for the measurement of the various quantities, detection, continuous recording and display.,Comprehensive measurement capability enables a complete analysis of power and energy in single phase and balance three phase systems.

Large colour VGA (320 X 240 pixels) graphical display
Power measurement up to 250kW (dependant on clamp selection)
600V rms and up to 6,500A (with clamp)
Harmonics (IEC 1000-4-7) display up to 50th order
MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, PEAK and Crest Factor display
W, VA, VAR power, DF, THD, Cos
Short term voltage flicker calculation
Recording, time stamping, and characterisation of disturbances including voltage overloads, brown- and blackouts, overshooting of powers and harmonic thresholds
Calculation of the K factor for the current in transformer applications
Personalised alarm settings enable up to 4096 events to be captured.
Simultaneous recording of all parameters, alarms and motor start up currents.
Rechargeable batteries
RS232 direct output to PC
CA8230: includes Dataviewer® software enabling screenshot capture; histogram or curve representations,; average value of numerous parameters according to time; management & log of measurement campaigns & report printing
Select AC current probes separately :-
Ampflex A193: 10 to 6500Aac (10Hz to 20kHz) 450mm long flexible probe
MN93A: 0.2 to 120Aac (40Hz to 10kHz): Jaw size 20mm dia.

Supplied with

Carrying case, 6 off 1.2V rechargeable batteries, test leads, 4mm test probes, crocodile clips, UK mains adaptor, RS232/USB optical cable, Dataviewer® software and instructions.

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Accessory Type Clamp
For Use With CA8230
Calibrated UKAS
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