500-702 Spray Etching Machine

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Land van herkomst: GB

Spray Etching/Developing Unit

A Spray Processor with many advanced features making ideal upgrade from Bubble Etch Tank. Primarily designed as an etching machine, a second cold be used for spray developing.

Digital temperature control - Set & control temperatures accurately
Transparent case design – Panels can be examined after processing without removing
Integral Spray Wash Tank – Washes the entire board holder to keep whole etching process clean. Fitted with adjustable bars
Etch and wash PCB in less than 2 minutes! - 3-4 times faster than a Bubble Etch Tank
Developer or Etcher – As well as etching the unit can be used to develop photoresists
Bottom drain with secure fastening – No siphoning necessary
Splash hopper included – Helps to contain chemistry to aid clean process
Safety cut-out on lid – Motor cuts off if lid is raised during etching
New Board Holder – Takes multiple small boards. Low profile design means less etchant or developer collects on board holder keeping processing clean
Digital timer controls processing time – As the board is not immersed in liquid, there is no over-processed after completion. This makes over-etching very difficult
230 Vac operation

PCB Development Equipment

These Processing Tanks comprise of a number of different versions to enable the following complete 7-stage production process to be undertaken:,1. Develop, 2. Wash, 3. Etch, 4. Wash, 5. Resist Strip, 6. Wash, 7. Chemical Tin.

Kenmerk Waarde
Number of Tanks 1
Tank Types Included Developing, Etching
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