Hirschmann Test & Measurement 932959001 Micro Test Equipment Set

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Hirschmann Test & Measurement PMS 0.64 Micro Set

Brought to you by Hirschmann Test & Measurement. A high-quality micro test lead set useable for testing very small components. With a maximum working voltage of 60 V dc, these test leads are an excellent addition for electronic testing applications. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features and Benefits

• Sprung test probes red and black
• Micro clips red and black
• Miniature crocodile clip
• Easy to use

What are test leads?

These leads are connecting cables which are used specifically for Multimeters, attaching a test probe to the end will allow the user to measure the required voltage, current or electrical resistance. As it assists operation with a multimeter, at least two of these types of electrical values are measured.

What are test probes?

Connecting to multimeters, a set of test probes will measure the device or target for an accurate reading, such as voltage or current. Due to the flexibility and quality produced by Hirschmann Test & Measurement, each probe provides much-needed precision.

What are the differences between safety categories?

For protection, safety categories are an important attribute which must be taken into consideration for any electronic test equipment. With any category (i.e CAT II, CAT III), a higher voltage will indicate a higher level of protection. As an example, a test probe providing CAT III 1000 V, provides a higher degree of protection than a CAT III 600 V probe.

Kenmerk Waarde
Lead Type Micro Test Equipment Set
Connector Type Miniature Crocodile Clip, Spring Loaded Plug, Spring Loaded Socket
Lead Length 1m
Minimum Operating Temperature -15°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +70°C
55 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en) (EU-voorraad)
310 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en) (UK-voorraad)
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 - 10
30,06 €
11 - 25
29,73 €
26 +
29,11 €
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