Omron Current Monitoring Relay With SPDT Contacts, 1 Phase, 24 V ac/dc

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  • Fabrikantnummer K8AK-AS3 24VAC/DC
  • Fabrikant Omron
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Omron K8AK-AS/AW Monitoring Relays

The Omron K8AK series monitoring relays are expertly designed for accurate and reliable monitoring for industrial facilities and equipment. The K8AK-AW/AS relays are suitable for undercurrent and overcurrent monitoring, which the K8AK-AW can do simultaneously.
Manual resetting and automatically resetting can be maintained by one relay.
Startup lock and operating time can be set individually.

K8AK-AS Series.

• Monitors over and under currents
• Use available current transformers (CT)
• One relay supports manual and automatic resetting
• Start-up lock and operating time can be set separately
• One SPDT (single pole double throw) output relay 5 A at 250 V ac resistive load
• Output relay can switch between normally open and closed
• LED indicator can be used to monitor output status
• Inputs are isolated from the power supply

K8AK-AS Models Available.

• K8AS-AS 24 VAC/DC – Stock number 8193204 • K8AK-AS1 100-240 VAC - Stock number 8193201
• K8AK-AS2 24 VAC/DC - Stock number 8193217 (if using other current transformers do not exceed the overload capacity)
• K8AK-AS2 100-240 VAC - Stock number 8193208 (if using other current transformers do not exceed the overload capacity)
• K8AK-AS3 24 VAC/DC - Stock number 8193214
• K8AK-AS3 100-240 VAC - Stock number 8193210
K8AK-AS3 – designed to be used with Omron K8AC-CT200L Current Transformer as direct input is not possible. Stock number 6118602

Added Features and Benefits.

• Power Supply – 200 to 240 V ac (24 V ac/dc • Reset method – Manual / automatic (switchable), Manual reset turn OFF the power supply for 1 s plus.
• Operating time setting range 0.1 s to 30 s
• Start-up lock time range (LOCK) – 0 to 30 s – lock timer starts when the input reaches 30% plus of the set value. (enabled only for overcurrent operation)
• Power indicator – Green
• Relay output indicator – Yellow
• Alarm outputs – Red
• Output relays – 1 SPDT relay (NO/NC switched use DIP switch) (dual in-line package)
• Case is PC and ABS, UL 94 V-0. Colour N1.5
• Weight 150 g
• DIN rail mounted

What is a Monitoring / Measuring Relay?

A monitoring / measuring relay is a protective control device, various types are available suiting what you wish to monitor. The relays receive input signals then monitor them and then output an alarm signal when a set value is reached (alarm relays). The relays protect your equipment against over voltage and over current faults. Monitoring relays monitor AC power supplies, voltage and current, analogue signals detecting unusual activity in equipment against set alarm thresholds.

Types of Monitoring Relays Available?

• Motor protection relays • Temperature monitoring relays
• Water level control relays


• Industrial facilities • Industrial equipment


EN 60947-5-1 pollution level 2 installation category III, UL 508.
Terminal protection IP20.

Kenmerk Waarde
Monitoring Application Current
Supply Voltage 24 V ac/dc
Contact Configuration SPDT
Electrical Phase 1
Current Sensitivity Overcurrent, Undercurrent
Minimum Current Sensed 10A
Maximum Current Sensed 200A
Height 95mm
Current Range 10 → 100 A, 20 → 200 A
Operating Temperature Range -20 → +60 °C
Width 100mm
Series K8AK-AS
Length 22.5mm
Dimensions 22.5 x 100 x 95 mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C
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