Kopp GREEN ELECTRIC MCB Mini Circuit Breaker 1P, 10 A, 10 kA, Curve B

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Wetgeving en conformiteit
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10 kA automatic cut-out, GREEN ELECTRIC® series

A range of MCB automatic cut-outs in B, C and D characteristics.

B characteristic

To secure light, socket outlet and control current circuits
The continuous current corresponds to the nominal current strength of fuse links
These can be replaced by B automatic machines
The short-circuit breaker activates between 3 times and 5 times the value of the nominal current


To protect motors and transformers
They are especially suited to protect incandescent lamps and parallel compensated
L cluster lamps
The short-circuit breaker activates between 5 times and 10 times the value of the nominal current

D characteristic 10 kA in accordance with IEC 60898

To protect consumers with very high switch-on peaks
The short-circuit breaker activates between 10 times and 20 times the value of the nominal current
Not suitable for use as line protection!

Surge arrester

Protection against lightning and overvoltage
Requirement class C (medium protection) voltage limited to <15 kV, whereby you have a single-pin nominal discharge current of 20 / 40 kA (8 / 20)
When used in combination with a B arrester, make sure that a decoupling inductance is installed between B and C arrester with line lengths < 15 m



Automatic Cut-out, Green Electric Series

Innovative technology

The inner life of the KOPP MCB has changed significantly compared with previous automatic cut-out technology. The thermal actuator consists of a bimetal snap disc that is integrated into the magnetic actuator. This has reduced the number of welded connections in the device. The result: Less power dissipation and thus less device intrinsic heating.

Convenient mounting
The easy mounting of KOPP MCB is hugely appealing. With the new quick attachment, users can mount the MCB to the top hat rail from above, slide it to align and then lock with a hand grip. Immediately the MCB is securely seated, firm and straight. And the bonus: The MCB can also be quickly removed if needed, even from the mounting assembly.

Perfect connection technology
The MCB also provides optimal mounting convenience when connecting devices. The new design of the terminals has made connection even simpler. They are at the same height on the access and exit side. They have combi-slotted screws and permit simultaneous connection of wiring rails and single cores with cross-sections of 1.0 → 25 mm2.

Maximum reliability
The KOPP MCB offers reliable identification of the cause of the shutdown at first glance. If the green, sealable switch knob is in the new additional reset position, a shutdown occurred due to an overload or short-circuit. However, if it is in the "OFF" position, the shutdown was manual. Independent of the switch knob position, the optical switch position indicator (which is also new) displays the switch state of the device.

Kenmerk Waarde
Number of Poles 1
Current Rating 10 A
Tripping Characteristics Type B
Rated AC Voltage 230 → 400 V
Rated DC Voltage 60V
Breaking Capacity 10 kA
30 op voorraad - levertijd is 1 werkdag(en)
Prijs Each
(excl. BTW)
(incl. BTW)
Aantal stuks
Per stuk
1 - 9
4,43 €
10 - 14
4,25 €
15 +
4,06 €
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