35 → 105W Light Transformer, 230 → 240V ac, 11.3V ac

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Introducing the HALOTRONIC PROFESSIONAL HTL, a dimmable on the leading and trailing edge, electronic transformer. It protects from short-circuit, overtemperature and overload (electronically reversible) and has electrical isolation between the primary and secondary sides. Switching between the electronic transformer and the lamp is not permitted. With high levels of energy efficiency, this transformer has many applications but is particularly good for effect and accent lighting, object lighting and furniture luminaires (recessed and surface-mounted). It is also good for living rooms, conference and event rooms, shop lighting and restaurant lighting. High efficacy means that little power is lost, and HALOTRONIC PROFESSIONAL HTL covers a large temperature range. Protective operation throughout the partial-load range prolongs lamp life, and you can through-wire on the primary side.

Features and Benefits:

• Very low power loss thanks to high efficacy
• Through-wiring possible on the primary side
• Large temperature range
• Protective operation throughout the entire partial-load range for long lamp life
• Electronic transformers for converting and lowering voltages for 12 V, very low-voltage halogen lights
• Operates on 230 → 240 V power supplies; 0.50 → 60 Hz
• The maximum admissible ambient temperature of 50 °C
• Able to work on all variable controllers, at the start or the end of phase
• Able to tap into the primary circuit to supply the other HTLs
• High efficiency
• Line frequency: 50…60 Hz
• Short-circuit protection, overload protection, overtemperature protection: electronically reversible
• Electrical isolation between the primary side and the secondary side
• Energy efficiency: ≥ 91 % (according to ErP regulation 2012/1194/EC)
• Dimmable on the leading edge and trailing edge
• Suitable for emergency installation

Approvals and Certification:

• RI suppression: to EN 55015 (A1: 2007)/CISPR 15, EN 55022
• Line harmonics according to EN 61000-3-2
• Immunity according to EN 61547
• Safety: to EN 61347

Typical Applications:

Some typical areas of lighting transformers applications are e.g.:
• Effect and accent lighting
• Living rooms
• Object lighting
• Conference rooms
• Restaurants
• Recessed and surface-mounted furniture luminaires
• Shop lighting
• Event rooms


Is this transformer suitable for LEDs and halogen lamps?
Yes, the OSRAM HALOTRONIC HTL 225/23-240 7W is compatible with LED lighting. However, the dimming mode might not be available with all brands and models. Regarding halogen lamps, it is fully compatible.


EN 55015, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61547, EN 61047

Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

Dimming Methods (where applicable):
Leading Edge:
The control device is either a thyristor or triac which blocks power until they are switched on by the control signal. At that point the current flows almost instantaneously and continues to flow until the end of the half cycle of the mains waveform. When the signal reaches zero, the device turns off and no more current is passed until it is triggered again. Turning the power on and off in this manner averages out creating a constant intensity level and by altering the precise trigger point over a period of time the lamp can be dimmed.

Trailing Edge:
Since this method of dimming uses transistor technology it is not limited to just switching, therefore current can be controlled gradually. Transistors can be programmed to pass current at the start of each half cycle, and gradually switch off later. This will control the full amount of power reaching the lamp without the side effects of a step increase in current.

Kenmerk Waarde
Primary Voltage Rating 230 → 240V ac
Secondary Voltage Rating 11.3V ac
Power Rating 35 → 105W
Dimensions 170 x 44 x 34mm
Length 170mm
Width 44mm
Depth 34mm
Minimum Load Requirement 50W
Minimum Temperature -20°C
Maximum Temperature +50°C
Weight 185g
Type Electromagnetic
Dimming Dimming
Dimming Method Trailing Edge
Maximum Operating Frequency 60Hz
Minimum Operating Frequency 50Hz
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