Siemens Vertical Mounting Level Capacitance Relay Output

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CLS100 Pointek Capacitance Point Level Sensor

Simens CLS100 Pointek range provide accurate, reliable, repeatable level detection. Inverse frequency shift technology uses the inverse relationship between capacitance frequency to monitor fluid level. Small changes in level result in a large change in frequency resulting in excellent accuracy. Compact design to aid installation in tight spaces, on small chemical batch tanks, for empty pipe line detection or for water/oil lubrication pump reservoirs.

Tip sensitive
Versatile, compact 100mm insertion level switch
Suitable for liquids, solids, slurries, foam and interface applications
Inverse ’Frequency Shift’ technology for difficult applications where vibrating fork (tuning fork) or traditional sensors prove unsuitable
High resistance to material build-up
Easy to install and calibrate
PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) corrosion-resistant material offers excellent chemical compatibility
Low or zero maintenance - no moving parts
May be installed in tight spaces e.g. a high and low level switch on


CSA Certified, FM

What is a capacitive switch?

A capacitive switch is a sort of touch-controlled electrical switch that works by estimating change in capacitance. It works in same way as regular capacitive cell phone: when you contact the surface — assuming you aren't wearing gloves — a little electrical charge is exchanged from your body to the switch, which in this manner causes an adjustment in capacitance. The switch recognizes this change, reacting with the suitable order.After contacting a capacitive switch, this electrical charge disturbs the switch's own electrical charge; accordingly, causing an adjustment in capacitance. Due to this change, the switch can recognize when and where the touch happened, which is basically how capacitive switches function.

What makes capacitive switches preferred over other switches?

First of all, there are no mechanical segments in a capacitive switch, bringing out a more drawn out life expectancy when contrasted with their mechanical partner. Capacitive switches can withstand a portion of the harshest situations, including open air conditions. When the residue or dampness is a worry, capacitive switch is presumably the best alternative for an electrical switch. Important thing to remember is that they require direct contact with a conductive object to operate.

Pick out your Key Features

Patented Active-Shield technology so measurement is unaffected by material buildup or nozzle interference is active shield section Performs in extremely abrasive conditions because of solid rod construction 3 LED indicators for adjustment control, output status and power High-temperature version up to 400 °C (752 °F) RoHS Certificate of Compliance Vertical mounting type Key-operated calibration Cable entry is 2x M20 x 1.5 Power supply is 12 → 250 V AC / DC


Pointek CLS 100 - Capacitive Switch from Siemens provide accurate, reliable, repeatable level detection. The robust design of heavy solids applications where abrasive materials occur as in the mining industry. The fully potted electronics are unaffected by condensation, dust or vibration. Wetted parts are made of stainless steel with a PFA shield for high chemical resistance, and of ceramic and stainless steel for high temperature version. Materials with low or high dielectric constants can be accurately detected. The unique Active Shield suppresses interference from material buildup or long installation nozzles. The unique modular design of the Pointek CLS300 provides a wide range of configurations, process connections, extensions and approvals to meet the temperature and pressure requirements of specific applications. The modular design makes ordering easier and reduces stocking requirements. A wide range of probe configurations are available, including rod and cable versions.

Where can CLS 100 be used?

Liquids Slurries Bulk solids Relatively high pressure and temperature Hazardous areas Milling and mining applications Harsh and physically demanding conditions

Kenmerk Waarde
Device Type Capacitance Switch
Mounting Type Vertical
Switch Output Relay
Body Material Stainless Steel
Minimum Operating Temperature -30°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +100°C
Maximum Pressure 10bar
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