Scintacor 435121, Visualize IR Series IR Laser Alignment Bench Mount Disc

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  • Fabrikantnummer 435121
  • Fabrikant Scintacor
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Laser Alignment Detector Bench Mount Heads with Adaptor

The Visualize series from Scintacor are laser alignment tools. The range includes the standard Visualize series for detecting visible radiation, VisualizeIR series for IR radiation and UVisualize for UV radiation.
Visualize products utilise a phosphor scintillator screen mounted in a black plastic, non-reflective housing. The detectors work by converting UV and IR light into visible light for laser safety.

Laser alignment optical bench mount heads are a disc-shaped tool with a 12.6 cm diameter active area. This range of tools comes with a pole and adaptor to be mounted onto the desired work bench. The discs also feature a screw port to enable the user to fix the head onto other desired surfaces.

Absorption bands
Visualize: 400-640 nm / 800-1700 nm
VisualizeIR: 790-840 nm / 870-1070 nm / 1500-1590 nm
UVisualize: 250-540 nm


UV material maximum stimulation: 7ns, nitrogen @ 337nm 850 MW/cm2 (single pulse)
IR material maximum stimulation: Nd:YAG 60MW/cm2 @ 1064nm (7ns pulse – single pulse)

Scintacor Visualize Series Laser Alignment Products

The Visualize range from Scintacor is a family of detection and alignment products for UV, Visible or near IR radiation. The Visualize range work by converting the UV and IR light into visible light for laser safety. The user is then able to see where their laser beam is aligned to.
They all consist of a phosphor based scintillator screen mounted within a non-reflective plastic. They have highly sensitive screens enabling reliable alignment readings for laser beams.
Available in a range of different styles there is a type of Visualize detector to suit a variety of laser detection applications.

Kenmerk Waarde
Detection Type IR
Detection Wavelength 790 → 840 nm, 870 → 1070 nm, 1500 → 1590 nm
Style Disc
Active Area 12.6cm²
Mounting Type Bench Mount
Features Non-Reflective
Series Visualize IR
Active/Passive Passive
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