RSIR-95 Infrared Thermometer

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RS PRO RSIR-95 Food Safety Infrared Thermometer with Probe

Introducing the RS PRO RSIR-95 infrared (IR) thermometer. This RS PRO infrared food safety temperature detector is a handheld device that can detect the surface temperature of an object through the non-contact laser or through a probe that can be inserted to measure the inside temperature. This non-invasive and non-contact method of temperature measurement removes the issue of having to rely on using a physical contact on the item to get a reading from it, making it ideal for use in environments like steelworks, oil and chemical production, environmental testing, gas production industries and much more. However, the added temperature measurement option of the probe being available, makes this an incredibly useful and versatile across a range of applications, like using this IR thermometer in the food and beverage industry.

Features and Benefits:

• The RS PRO IR thermometer is a dual-purpose temperature measurement tool that uses the IR laser to detect the surface temperature of an object as well a temperature probe to measure the inside temperature of an object
• The temperature probe is foldable so that it does not obstruct any measurement when the laser is in use
• This infrared thermometer has a temperature range of -40°C to +280°C for the laser and up to +200°C for the probe, with an accuracy of ±1 % of the reading (option for reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
• The backlit LCD display allows for easy to see results on the screen but also allows the instrument to be used in low-light environments
• This unit has a distance to spot ratio of 4:1
• The selectable C° / F° display allows for greater versatility across a range of applications
• This device is compact, pocket-sized and easily portable
• IP65 rated so it is generally safe for cleaning properly and protected against dust and debris
• The unit is powered by 2 1.5V AAA batteries (supplied)


Infrared thermometers are instruments that measure the surface temperature of an object. They generally use a laser to point at the surface for the reading to be taken, whilst others include a temperature probe that measures the inside temperature of an object. Infrared thermometers are an essential device for individuals who need to measure the temperatures of something without physically touching the item. They can be found in the following areas:
• Industrial processes
• Environmental testing
• Scientific and Educational

How accurate are infrared thermometers?

Most IR thermometers have a measurement error specification, which shows their best accuracy. The surface being measured can also affect accuracy. Reflective objects result in lower measurements than the actual temperature, whilst non-reflective surfaces give a higher measurement. The emissivity of a surface is how effective it is at emitting energy as thermal radiation, as such some IR thermometers have adjustable emissivity settings.

Distance to spot ratio is also essential in providing accurate temperature measurements, if an infrared thermometer is too close to its target area, heat can build up in the device. This can give false readings or damage the temperature sensors therefore, it is essential to always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines.


• The instrument is IP65 rated. The probe can be cleaned but cannot take steam and smoke into infrared induction region, or the accuracy of the measurement will be affected
• Please do not remove the probe

Kenmerk Waarde
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement +280°C
Temperature Scale Centigrade
Absolute Minimum Temperature Measurement -20°C
Distance to Spot Ratio 4:1
Best Accuracy ±1 (Probe) %
Emissivity 0.95
Model Number p RSIR-95
Resolution 0.1 °C
Response Time <500 ms
Length 50mm
Width 67mm
Height 185mm
Weight 180g
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