Keysight Technologies 33509B Function Generator 20MHz Ethernet, GPIB, LAN, USB

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Keysight Technologies Waveform Generator

The Keysight Technologies waveform generator has 1 channel and a range of up to 20MHz. It incorporates true form signal generation technology, which combines the best of direct digital synthesis (DDS) and point-by-point architectures. This generator delivers increased performance at a price associated with DDS only. It offers lower jitter and lower harmonic distortion than alternative instruments in the same class. The jitter performance gives users an ability to place edges more accurately, helping reduce timing errors in circuit designs. The total harmonic distortion is less than 0.04% and non-harmonic spurs are less than 75dBc, this means clean signals that do not introduce noise, giving users greater accuracy. The jitter rate, together with 8.4ns rise and fall times, enables users to set trigger points more accurately. This function generator has a 16-bit resolution which facilitates output changes down to 1uV, providing users with an ability to test low-voltage circuits and designs.

Features and Benefits

Waveform summing and combining capability
Variable bandwidth noise
Waveform sequencing
Pseudo-random binary sequence pattern generation


Integrated electronic testing
Educational institutions
Embedded systems
Digital circuits
Analogue signal processing


CE certified
IEC 61010-1:2001
CSA C22.2 61010-1
UL 61010-1 approved
IEC/EN 61326-1

Kenmerk Waarde
Maximum Frequency Range Sinewave 20MHz
Minimum Frequency Range Sinewave 1µHz
Maximum Frequency Range Square Pulse and Arbitrary Waveform 20MHz
Minimum Frequency Range Square Pulse and Arbitrary Waveform 1 μHz
Maximum Frequency Range Triangle/Saw 20kHz
Minimum Frequency Range Triangle/Saw 1µHz
Digital Frequency Yes
Digital Amplitude and Offset Yes
Internal Linear and Log Sweep Yes
Variable Sweep Yes
Internal and External Amplitude Modulation Yes
FM Modulation Yes
Time Base Accuracy ±0.1ppm
Output Amplitude 20V Pk-Pk
Length 272.3mm
Output Impedance 50Ω
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Input Impedance 5 kΩ
Model Number p 33509B
Width 212.8mm
Weight 3.3kg
Interface Type Ethernet, GPIB, LAN, USB
Frequency Range Square Pulse and Arbitrary Waveform 1 μHz → 20 MHz
Plug Type Europe, UK
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Height 88.3mm
Dimensions 272.3 x 212.8 x 88.3mm
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