Grey Bench ESD-Safe Mat, 900mm x 600mm x 0.96mm

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RS Pro Micastat Laminate Mat

RS Pro Micastat mat is a static dissipative mat manufactured from high-pressure thermoset amino resin laminate. The laminate mat when used as a work surface provides a path to ground and eliminate static charge generation. The surface resistance of the mat meets EN 61340-5-1 required for a surface used with ESD susceptible items. A uniform conductive layer creates a consistent path to ground. A non-glare finish plus being solder resistant and solvent resistant add to the benefits exceeding NEMA standards for wear resistance.


Static dissipative
Conductive layers of Micastat laminate
Uniform conductive layer
Made from high-pressure thermoset amino resin laminate
Eliminates static
Provides a consistent path to ground
Non-glare matte finish
Unaffected by most solvents
Hot solder resistant
Abrasion resistant to NEAM LD 3-3.01
Heat resistant to NEAM LD 3-3.06 at 71°C continuous
9.5 mm female snap is installed within the mat
Grounding hardware included


The surface must be cleaned using an ESD mat cleaner
Do not use cleaners containing silicone


This material must be properly grounded for optimum electrical performance


EN 61340-5-1


Meets NEMA LD 3.14, NEMA LD 3-3.01, NEMA LD 3-3.06

Bench / Floor Matting

The most efficient way of ensuring optimum personal grounding is to employ the combination of ESD footwear and ESD matting.

Kenmerk Waarde
Use Type Bench
Thickness 0.96mm
Suitable For Work Surfaces
Colour Grey
Length 900mm
Width 600mm
Complies with EN 61340-5-1 Yes
Number of Material Layers 2
Resistance <1 x 10⁹Ω
Material Amino Resin
Surface Texture Type Non Glare Matte Finish
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