Development Kit Frequency to Voltage Converter

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HZ to V 2 click is a device that can convert input frequency of the signal with virtually any wave shape to a DC voltage output, with a level proportional to the input frequency. It features a specialized IC labeled as VFC32KU, which has a good linear response and temperature stability. By applying a signal with the frequency up to 120kHz on its input, the Click board™ will generate a DC voltage up to 3.3V. The IC is supplied by a dual-voltage boost DC/DC converter IC, which provides the power supply of ±15V, required for the VFC32KU IC operation.

Operation up to 500khz
Excellent linearity
±0.01% max at 10khz fs
±0.05% max at 100khz fs
V/f or f/v conversion
Voltage or current input
Integrating a/d converter
Serial frequency output
Isolated data transmission
FM analogue signal mod/demod
Motor speed control

Kenmerk Waarde
Accessory Type Frequency to Voltage Converter
For Use With A/D Conversion, Capacitance Measurement, Frequency to Voltage Conversion, Long-Term Integration, RPM Measurement
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