RS PRO Panel Mount, 15 Pin Micro-D Connector D-sub Connector Plug, Wire Leads

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RS PRO Micro-D High-Density D-Sub Connector with Wire Leads

From RS PRO a durable high density, high-performance Micro-D D-Sub connector designed for use in rugged and demanding environments. The metal shell of this connector provides both EMI & RFI shielding. This d-sub also features an interfacial seal which offers protection to the contacts against moisture and humidity. This D-sub connector has a compact design with a contact pitch of just 1.27mm which means it is ideal for use in applications where weight and space need to be kept at a minimum.

What is a Micro-D Connector?

A Micro D connector is derived from the D-Sub connector and is also known as a microminiature D. This connector is smaller and about half the length of a subminiature connector. This connector has the same D-shaped metal shield the d-subminiature which provides mechanical support. The D-shape also ensures the correct orientation when mated and improves installation reliability. These d-sub connectors are available as female D-sub sockets (or d-sub receptacles) with female contacts or male D-sub plugs with male pin contacts. The socket style female connector mates with the plug style male connector. Please note that a D-sub with a plastic shell cannot be mated with a D-sub with a metal shell.

Features and Benefits

• Durable and rugged design
• Reliable with a high performance
• Lightweight with a compact space-saving high-density design
• Rugged aluminium shell for extra strength and EMI/RFI shielding
• Interface seal isolates contacts from one another and the shell and protects them against moisture and humidity
• Gold plated pin and receptacle contacts provide resistance to shock and vibration
• Flanges on either side of the shell for screw mounting to a panel
• Pre-terminated with 18-inch wire leads


This highly reliable d-sub connector with its robust and compact design can be used within rugged industrial and commercial environments. Applications for these D-sub plugs and sockets include the following:

• Networking and communications equipment
• Data processing equipment
• Sensors and data loggers
• Industrial and medical equipment
• Portable electric generation equipment
• Aircraft and Spacecraft applications

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mount these connectors?

These d-sub connectors are designed to be panel mounted. A hole is cut in the panel which is determined by the panel cut-out dimensions of the connector. Two mounting flanges either side of the connector incorporate mounting holes. Holes are drilled into the panel to align with these mounting holes. The connector is then inserted into the panel cut-out and secured in place by inserting screws through the holes in both the connector and panel.

Kenmerk Waarde
Number of Contacts 15
Gender Male
Body Orientation Straight
Mounting Type Panel Mount
D Connector Type Micro-D
Current Rating 3.0A
Housing Material Aluminium
Voltage Rating 250.0 V
Length 23.5mm
Width 7.57mm
Depth 10.31mm
Dimensions 23.5 x 7.57 x 10.31mm
Contact Plating Gold
Maximum Operating Temperature +135°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -55.0°C
Contact Material Copper Alloy
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