RS PRO RS-90 Anemometer, 25m/s Max Air Velocity

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RS PRO RS-90 Miniature Rotating Vane Anemometer with Bluetooth

Introducing the RS PRO mini anemometer. This high-quality rotating vane anemometer has been designed for the measurement of air velocity and air temperature and provides rapid, accurate readings without compromising on quality or performance. The RS-90 is equipped with Bluetooth technology that enables the user to easily transmit measured data and instrument status to a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device. The compact anemometer uses a high precision rotating sensor to deliver precise readings, even at low wind speeds, as well as simultaneously measuring the air temperature with the built-in NTC thermistor, making this pocket-sized meter ideal for engineers, service technicians and scientists.

Features and Benefits:

• This RS PRO anemometer has a compact and robust design that offers accurate and reliable results and can be used across a variety of applications
Hand-held wind-speed measurement instrument with user-friendly, easy to use control keys
• Precision air velocity for precision measurement, even at low wind speeds and built-in NTC thermistor sensors that can simultaneously measure air temperature
• Air velocity can be displayed in the following units: m/s, km/h, ft/min, MPH and knots
• Air temperature can be displayed in °C or °F
• Dual-line 4-digit LCD display for easy and clear reading of the measuring data
• Backlight function to enable use in low-light conditions for added versatility
• Bluetooth technology that facilitates easy transfer of measured data to a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device for investigation and analysis at a later stage
• This anemometer also features a data hold function
• Auto power-off function after 1 minute and low battery indication assist with battery and power management of the instrument
• Replaceable 9V battery


Rotating vane anemometers are used to measure environmental conditions quickly and accurately. The information and data they provide are vital in a wide range of applications and environments. They are essential for reporting, forecasting and planning and more importantly health and safety. Some of the more common applications are:
• HVAC and construction
• Sailing, boating and windsurfing
• Climbing and hiking
• Aviation, wind direction, airflow, and gust
• Weather stations and meteorological studies
• Calibration laboratories

Is there a recommended replacement battery?

Yes, the RS PRO anemometer uses a 9V battery for its power supply and replacement battery can be found using RS Stock number 826-4435

What is an anemometer?

An anemometer is a device that has a sensor or sensing unit that is used to measure wind speed and is commonly used to measure and monitor in meteorological applications and much more.

Kenmerk Waarde
Measurement Parameters Air Temperature, Air Velocity
Maximum Air Velocity 25m/s
Best Air Velocity Accuracy ±3%+0.30 m/s
Air Velocity Resolution 0.01m/s
Probe Type NTC, Rotary Vane
Maximum Temperature +60°C
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.1°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2 °C, +4 °F
Power Source Battery
Battery Type 9V Battery
Dimensions 21.3 x 54 x 36mm
Weight 172g
Height 36mm
Model Number p RS-90
Width 54mm
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Length 21.3 mm
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