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Testo High-precision Vane Probe Including Temperature Sensor

Ideal for air outlets in cleanrooms: use the high-precision vane probe (with the compatible measuring instrument) to measure even the lowest air velocities and volume flows as well as the temperature. Use the vane probe with the compatible testo multifunction measuring instrument (please order separately) to measure air velocity, volume flow and temperatures up to +70 °C.

Features and Benefits

Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow and parallel determination of air velocity, volume flow and air temperature Precise: detects the smallest air velocities from as little as 0.1 m/s – ideal for laminar flow measurements in cleanrooms Convenient: probe with a practical button on the handle for storing individual readings, convenient measurement at ceiling outlets with optional telescope (up to 1 m) Intelligent calibration concept 0,1 to 15 m/s Velocity /Volume Flow

High-precision Vane Probe Including Temperature Sensor in Detail

Use the fixed cable on the handle to connect the vane probe to the measuring instrument (please order separately). The clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow enables the measuring instrument to be operated intuitively. The volume flow is precisely calculated thanks to convenient input of the size and geometry of the duct cross-section. Timed and multi-point mean calculation, average volume flow, current reading and min./max. values are displayed in the measuring instrument. Particularly useful: press the button on the vane probe to operate the measuring instrument. For example, to store individual readings for multi-point mean calculation or to start and stop measurement series for mean calculation over time. Space-saving: more applications, less equipmentEndlessly versatile: a universal handle can be connected to all probe heads – so you can master more applications using less equipment and save space. Order the Bluetooth® handle to make it more convenient to carry out your measurement and guarantee less cable clutter in the case. This transmits the readings to the measuring instrument from a distance of up to 20 metres. If the vane needs to be replaced in the distant future, you can change the probe head. If required, you can also fit the vane probe with the extendable telescope with 90° angle and, if necessary, the telescope extension (both can be ordered separately; in combination 2 m long). This makes it easy to measure at ceiling outlets. Intelligent calibration conceptYou will get exceptionally accurate measurement results with the digital vane probe, because the measuring instrument makes measurement uncertainty a thing of the past. You only need to send the probe head in for calibration – so the measuring instrument remains in continuous use. Areas of application for the high-precision vane probeAir/ceiling outlets: Use the vane probe to determine air velocity and volume flow at air outlets. Thanks to the low start-up speed of 0.1 m/s, the vane probe is ideal for laminar flow measurements in cleanrooms.During loop-pattern scanning of the grilles cross section, the air velocity values are integrated and averaged across a large area of 100 mm. As a result, precise measurement results are achieved with the loop measurement.For measurements at ceiling outlets: the extendable telescope (1.0 m long) with easy-to-read scaling and 90° angle is easy to attach to the vane probe. The 90° angle ensures that the probe is positioned correctly under the ceiling. For high ceilings, you can also use the telescope extension, attaining a total length of 2 metres (please order the extendable telescope and telescope extension separately).Plate outlets, ventilation grilles and swirl outlets: For convenient, accurate measurements at plate outlets and ventilation grilles, we recommend using the vane probe with the testovent 417 funnel set (please order separately). This guarantees simple testing of incoming/outgoing air – such as in the controlled ventilation of living spaces.If you add in the volume flow straightener (please order separately), an impressively high level of precision can be achieved when carrying out measurements at swirl outlets.

Kenmerk Waarde
Maximum Temperature +70°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.1°C
Length 375mm
Model Number p Testo 440
Dimensions 375 x 105 x 46mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +70°C
Width 100mm
Height 46mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -20°C
Weight 360g
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