RS PRO Air Grease Gun, 2 → 10bar

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RS PRO Pneumatic Air Grease Gun

A Grease Gun is a useful air tool for moving grease to the point of application, using compressed air to offer variable speeds that provides excellent grease flow control. The close-fitting of the apertures ensures that lubricant is applied directly to a piece of machinery where needed. The Grease Gun is powered by an air compressor via an air hose and can be found often in industrial applications.

We are proudly introducing our own branded RS PRO Air Grease Gun to fit different sized grease kegs.

Each system comprises a high-pressure pump with a pistol grease gun, hose, Z swivel, follower plate, lid, control valve and trolley.

Their working pressure from 2 up to 10 bars, making the Greaser an ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

It is essential to be aware of the difference between the air pressure being applied and the hose capabilities. As an example, If the Grease Gun is rated at 10,000 psi and the hose you are using is rated at 1,600 psi; this causes a severe hazardous.

The clean and tidy area will minimise potential accidents of many kinds, therefore make sure no oil or grease spills on the floor. Also, we are strongly recommending wearing PPE, including safety glasses and gloves, to prevent injury. Also, when operating any Air Grease Gun, avoid wearing jewellery or loose clothes as this could become caught in moving parts.

You can find inspiration for PPE be checking our approved RS PRO offer:

  • 918-5775, 918-5778 or 918-5771 - Safety Goggles with clear lenses - the entire view offer can be found by checking the Work Gloves section

The full offer can be explored by reviewing Safety Goggles section.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile as the Air Grease Gun fit for different sized grease kegs

  • Working pressure from 2 up to 10 bars

  • Allows comprehensive angle operation in a narrow space

  • Pistol provides precise lubrication each time


Air dispenser guns are used on large commercial projects. These types of pistol are powerful because they are attached to an air compressor by a hose, which creates the pressure to force the lubricate or sealant from the gun. The Air Grease Gun can also be found in workshop or garage tool for lubrication.


RS PRO is our family brand to go-to and brings you a wide range for high-quality and high-value products to support your project. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product is always rigorously tested against demanding industry standards. We are only giving the RS PRO seal of approval if we are confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be convinced too.


  • Air operated tools must always be treated with caution and under no circumstances be used for anything other than their intended purpose.
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Working Pressure 2 → 10bar
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