Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys

Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys are typically four position arm tools, offering various differing drive possibilities. A must have tool for maintenance engineers.How do they work?Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys are and held tools for actuation of locking systems from the areas of facilities engineering, gas and water supply and shut-off-systems. Select the correct key, turn clockwise or anti-clockwise wise to open or shut mechanism.What are the key features? Key holes with square, triangle, circle, half-moon or stepped shapes Material consisting of Alloy steel, Aluminium, Die cast zinc, fibre reinforced plastic or zinc alloyWhat different types are there? Pen Style Switch Key MultipurposeWhich application would you use it? Facilities locking systems Heating, sanitation, air conditioning, electro technology Gas, water supply and shut-off-systems

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RS-stocknr. 190-2076
FabrikantPhoenix Contact
36,39 €
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9 - - Diecast Zinc -