Knives, Scissors & Multi-tools

Knives, scissors and multi-tools form a broad category that covers a huge array of useful day-to-day gadgets, ideal for handling many tasks in the workplace as well as around the house. If there’s a job requiring a sharp edge of any kind, there’ll be a knife or multitool designed for that specific purpose.

What types of knives, scissors and multi-tools are available?

Browse our wide range of high quality knives, scissors and multi-tools from leading manufacturers such as Stanley, Leatherman, Gerber and the classic Swiss Army Knife. Popular product types include:

  • Safety knives - also known as safety cutters, box cutters, or utility knives. Safety knives are a widely used type of cutting tool valued for placing user protection first. They often feature a retractable or folding blade for safe storage.
  • Scalpels and craft knife sets - scalpels and craft knives offer extremely precise cutting for intricate shapes in DIY and artistic projects, thanks to their extremely sharp, thin blades. These are often ’snap-off’ for easy resharpening, and held in a lightweight handle for optimal manoeuvrability.
  • Putty knives and scraping tools
  • Scissors - we offer a wide range of scissor types including electricians scissors for tougher fibres, side-bent scissors for textiles, carpeting and rubber underlay, surgical scissors for accurate/small-scale cutting, and general purpose scissors.
  • Cable and bolt cutters
  • Pipe cutters - much quicker and tidier for cutting through pipe and ducting than a hacksaw, and available in various formats including automatic pipe cutters, adjustable models, and plastic pipe cutters.
  • Shears and nibblers - for cutting metals and wire
  • Trimmer tools - for cutting precise shapes or angles out of plastic, wood or paper
  • Combination cutters
  • Knife saw blades and cutting discs
  • Scalpel handles, safety blades, and other replacements/accessories

What are the main advantages of a multi-tool?

As well as saving you considerable space and weight in the toolbox or hobby kit, a good multi-tool also provides a robust and durable solution to a wide range of cutting, slicing and problem-solving situations. Always useful on the work site or in your desk drawer, multitools are typically just as easy to slip into a pocket for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities.

A good multitool product can be simple and effective, or feature any number of handy bonus tools and accessories, ranging from bottle openers to needle threaders, saw blades and can openers.

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