Our range offers a professional and cost effective rotary burrs which stand out with their performance and long life. The tungsten carbide heads are fast and efficient giving better results and productivity.Mainly used for cutting, shaping, grinding and deburring of most materials, including steel, aluminium, stone, ceramics hard wood and plastic. Applications include weld removal, chamfering, weld preparation and deburring. Popular choice for aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, foundry and aviation.

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Omschrijving Prijs Burr Shape Burr Pattern Burr Length Burr Diameter Burr Material Shank Length Shank Diameter
RS-stocknr. 693-7630
Fabrikantnummer2615 0115 JA
15,00 €
1 Set
Cylinder - - 7.8mm HSS - 3.2 mm
RS-stocknr. 693-7646
Fabrikantnummer2615 0125 JA
12,27 €
1 Set
- - - 6.4mm HSS - 3.2 mm