Binding Posts

Binding posts are chassis mounted connectors which allow for the connection of bare wires, spade lugs, banana connectors, or pin connectors. They are commonly used on electronic test equipment and contains a central threaded metal rod and a cap that screws down on that rod. The cap is usually insulated with plastic and colour coded:

• Red - active or positive terminal
• Black - inactive or negative terminal
• Green - earth (ground) terminal

Binding posts allow the connection of various connections:

• Banana plugs
• Pin connectors
• Bare wire
• A lug terminal
• An alligator clip

Applications include:

• Aerospace
• Defence
• Military
• Signal processing
• Audio
• Consumer Electronics
• Industrial

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Omschrijving Prijs Colour Contact Material Contact Plating Current Rating Voltage Rating Gender Height Above Panel Maximum Panel Thickness Hole Diameter
RS-stocknr. 885-7422
FabrikantCinch Connectors
3,49 €
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Red Brass Silver 15A - Female 29.72mm 7.15mm 8.33mm
RS-stocknr. 886-0869
FabrikantCinch Connectors
3,58 €
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Black Brass Silver 15A - Female 29.72mm 7.15mm 8.33mm