Multimeter Kits

Multimeter kits are an easy way to get a multimeterand the multimeter accessoriesyou'll need, all packaged together. Multimeters come in either digital or analogue formats and are easy-to-use devices for measuring voltage, current and resistance in electrical circuits. They're used for electrical testing and troubleshooting in both domestic and industrial situations.

What's in a multimeter kit?

Multimeter kits typically include a digital multimeter and a selection of test lead sets, alligator clips, probes and adapters. Some feature a clamp meter and many have magnetic hangers and handy carrying cases that incorporate pocketed roll-up pouches to keep all of your accessories safe and organised.

Choosing the right multimeter kit

Choosing the right kit will depend on how you plan to use your multimeter. Larger bench multimeters are most likely to used in the workshop; handheld multimeters are useful for on-the-go tasks or hard-to-reach places. There are multimeter kits suitable for everything from domestic use to industrial fault finding, and combo kits for electricians are also available.

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Omschrijving Prijs Model Number Application Kit Contents Calibrated
RS-stocknr. 181-2218
806,00 €
Aantal stuks
DM285 Industrial Alligator Probes, L91 Lithium Batteries, Multimeter, Silicone Test Leads, Soft Carrying Case, Test Lead Storage/Tripod Accessory, Type-K Thermocouple RSCAL
RS-stocknr. 810-9091
521,00 €
Aantal stuks
V3001 FC Industrial Accessories, DC Voltage Module, Multimeter RSCAL
RS-stocknr. 911-9982
123,00 €
Aantal stuks
- - Batteries, Crocodile Clips, Ground Test Lead, Multi-Tester, Spare Probe, Tip RSCAL
RS-stocknr. 183-0958
FabrikantnummerHVAC KIT
449,00 €
Aantal stuks
Fluke 116 HVAC Holster, TL75 Test Leads, User’s Manual and 9 V Battery (Installed), 80BK Integrated Temperature Probe -
RS-stocknr. 144-6603
FabrikantRS PRO
79,50 €
1 Kit
IDM72 - IDM72 Multimeter, Test Lead Set -
RS-stocknr. 785-2704
486,00 €
Aantal stuks
116 Industrial C115 Deluxe Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap, Flexible Cuff Pipe Clamp Thermocouple, Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and Microamps, Fluke 62 MAX+ Infrared Thermometer, TL175 Hard Point Test Lead Set, TPak ToolPak Magnetic Meter Hanging Strap, 80AK-A Thermocouple Adapter, 80BK Integrated Temperature Probe RSCAL
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