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    Dial Indicators

    Dial Indicators are measuring devices used in mechanical and industrial applications. They are designed to measure in vertical or horizontal positions and typically used to measure clearances, tolerance, and variation in tolerance of machined parts to ensure accuracy. Our offer includes analog or digital dials with imperial (in) and metric (mm) measurements.

    Types of Dial Indicators

    Plunger Dial Indicator

    A plunger dial Indicator works by measuring the upward pressure detected at the point of contact and multiplied through a sequence of gears and levers produce readings on the face of the dial.

    Dial Test Indicator

    A dial test indictor is constructed from the following, a circular body, indicating hand, a revolution counter, a graduated scale, and a spindle with a contact point. Commonly used for setting up lathes and vice calibration.

    Why Choose RS for Dial Indicators?

    We support engineers with high-quality products and technical support. Our comprehensive range of dial indicators has been sourced from leading brands such as; Facom, Mahr, Mitutoyo, and RS PRO.


    Dial indicators are used by mechanical engineers in applications such as;

    • Mechanical workshops
    • Precision machine shops
    • Lathe workshops
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