Rocker Switches

A rocker switch is one of the most common forms of switches in the world due to how easy it is to use and its reliability. It is an on-off switch that rocks back and forth like a see-saw.

Rocker switches are commonly referred to as single pole and double pole which relates to the number of circuits that are controlled by the switch. The throw defines how many positions the switches poles can be connected to.

Non-illuminated rocker switches often have a circle and a horizontal dash to indicate whether the switch is on or off. Other switches have a coloured LED which lights up when the switch is on.

There are several types of switching options available:






What is a rocker switch used for?

There are many applications where you can use a rocker switch. This includes household appliances, medical systems, power supply units, control panels and HVAC equipment.

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- - 18.2mm 35mm - 4 A @ 28 V dc No Black Panel Mount IP68S Wire Lead FNR - Rectangular
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Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) Latching 12.2mm 27.2mm - 16 A @ 250 V ac - Black Panel Mount IP68S Quick Connect - - -