Push Button Pendant Stations

Push button pendant stations are a type of handheld housing for push buttons, which includes a covering case and the buttons themselves. In this way, they differ from push button pendant enclosures, which are just the case. Push buttons are a simple type of mechanical switch, which are used to control one function in a machine or device.

What are push button pendant stations used for?

Push button pendant stations allow a user to control a certain piece of machinery from a greater distance away. This increases safety when using machines like cranes and hoists that may otherwise be transporting items overhead. Push button pendant stations can be wireless or cabled up to the machinery they control in a way that allows the user to move out of way.

Types of push button pendant stations

Push button pendant stations are fitted according to the needs of the machcinery that they control. They tend to differ by the number and design of push buttons they house. Some include a red stop button, while others do not, and some come with directional button designs, while others simply include plain coloured buttons.

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