• Plasters are strips of adhesive material with a gauze used in first aid treatment of minor wounds and injury. They're a staple first aid item, available in assorted shapes and sizes - it's useful to always keep a packet within reach at home or in a work first aid kit.

    Types of adhesive plasters

    When you encounter a graze, blister or small cut, then plasters are the ideal choice for covering the wound to help to heal it and prevent bacteria from entering the wound. 

    They're available in many styles with different benefits or for various uses including waterproof, square or round, fabric and hypoallergenic plasters. Some of our most popular types are:

    Blue plasters - designed for use in the food and catering industries, the blue colour makes them easy to see against ingredients if one was to come off and prevent further contamination. Other popular colours include clear plasters and skin coloured plasters.

  • Waterproof plasters - complete with a waterproof film over the top of the plaster to help repel water and dirt.

  • Fabric plasters - standard everyday use plasters made from a stretchable fabric material that allows the skin to breathe underneath and aids in healing.

  • Round plasters - small round shaped plasters are ideal for use on small cuts or post injections. Other shapes are available including square, rectangle and fingertip plasters.

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