Aprons and Tabards are garments worn over other clothing mainly to cover the front of the body and to protect from hazards such as excessive heat, chemicals or for hygiene purposes. They are made of different materials ranging from cotton and leather to polyester and PVC.

What are Aprons and tabards used for?

Aprons and tabards are used in numerous applications both at home and in industries such as food, construction, metalwork and electronics. They are often combined with safety shoes and boots for added protection.

You may choose to wear aprons and tabards for hygienic reasons, as decorative garments or to protect you from potential hazards such as dangerous chemicals and excessive heat.

Types of aprons and tabards

Some aprons and tabards cover the body from the waist down while others cover only the upper torso. Certain designs cover the front as well as the rear of the body and are usually fastened with tie sides or waist bands that close at the back.

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