First Aid & Emergency Equipment, Kits & Supplies

We stock a wide variety of first aid and emergency equipment to suit your needs, whether you’re at work or home, from first aid kits and stretchers to eyewash kits, biohazard and sharps disposal units, first aid manuals and accident report books. There’s plenty to choose from, all from high quality brands such as RS PRO, W Sohngen, Telefunken, Hughes, Weller, Esculape, Ront Production, 3M, Kimberly Clark and more.

First aid kits and refills

The contents of first aid kits are designed to administer basic medical treatment from minor cuts and grazes to prolonging life when awaiting paramedics.

The contents should be checked regularly to ensure they’re within their shelf life. The size of the kit can vary according to requirements and the number of people it serves. We supply kits for up to 100 people. They should be stored in a clean waterproof container, of which there are various types available, from carrying cases to bags, pouches and wall-mounted cases and cabinets. There are also specialist first aid kits available, for example burn kits and eyewash kits.

We have a wide range of products to help refill your first aid areas including:

  • bandages
  • dressings
  • plasters
  • sanitisers
  • alcohol free wipes
  • first aid tapes
  • foil blankets
  • gels
  • first aid cabinets

Types of emergency equipment

We supply several different types of emergency equipment, our most popular product areas are:

  • Car emergency kits: this road safety kit helps provide protection should your vehicle stop unexpectedly due to a breakdown, accident or similar occurrence. The contents include a high visibility jacket, foldable warning triangle, sign and survival blanket, all within its own storage bag.
  • Emergency eyewash kits: by acting quickly in an emergency, eyewash kits and stations could help to save sight and are particularly important if you work with corrosive or hazardous substances. The eyewash kit works by flushing the eye with fluid for a minimum of fifteen minutes to help remove any debris or corrosive material that could cause tissue damage. Emergency eyewash supplies come in a variety of options from portable eyewash bottles and hand held eyewashes to eyebath fountains and wall mounted eyewash dispensers.
  • Defibrillators: the defibrillator from Telefunken is fully automated and easy to use. It comes with visual and verbal instructions to support the user with the resuscitation process, along with an information button displaying details such as usage time and number of shocks administered. Complete with a six-year warranty, the defibrillator includes batteries, electrode pads and carry case. A defibrillator wall cabinet is also available from RS PRO.
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