Pressure Gauge Mounting Blocks

Pressure gauge mounting blocks are devices used to provide a surface to attach pressure gauges to within high pressure systems, such as pumps. This is useful because workers may need to be able to check the pressure of the system quickly, and pressure gauge mounting blocks allow them to do this at a glance. The best mounting blocks put the pressure gauge at a suitable angle to allow it to be easily read.

What are pressure gauges used for?

Pressure gauges are a pressure sensor that measures the amount of force present in a high pressure system. Pressure is usually measured in units of force per unit of area, for example in pascals, which refers to the number of newtons per square meter. Pressure gauges function using a vast range of different technologies.

Types of pressure gauge mounting blocks

Pressure gauge mounting blocks differ in a number of ways, including the material they are made from, the thread standard of the connector or gauge port, and in their connector type, which can be male or female.

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