Hose Cutters

Hose cutters are handheld tools used to cut through flexible plastic, steel or rubber hoses. They achieve a smooth cut without any splitting or fraying of edges.

How to choose the right hose cutters

Hose cutters have different specifications and are designed with specific end uses in mind. For instance, some hose cutters are capable of cutting through rigid copper and metal pipes, while others work on flexible tubes and hoses. You can also choose your cutters based on the dimensions of the hose you want to cut, as the minimum size is usually specified.

How to use hose cutters

Having the right pipe or hose cutter will ensure you do a precise and efficient job. Turn the cutter around the pipe or hose by hand, pressing firmly, and keep turning until the cut is complete. When cutting through plastic hose, squeeze the handles of the cutter together to apply the blade and make the cut where you've measured. Unlike cable cutters, hose cutters will cut through a hose without flattening or distorting the material.

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