Ice Grips

Ice grips are used for wearing under the soles of shoes, boots and trainers during the winter to provide extra gripping ability and reduce the possibility of slipping and other related incidents. They are attached to the soles of footwear with either rubber straps around the toes and ankles or a single strap across the main part of the foot. They are also known as ice traction shoe grips or snow grippers.

Made from a lightweight yet strong rubber material with metal anti-slip studs fitted to the underside, ice grips are designed to be comfortable, practical and efficient, with their simple pull-on design making it possible to put on and take off ice grips in seconds.

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RS-stocknr. 773-4220
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XL Pull-On Black Thermoplastic
RS-stocknr. 773-4218
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M Pull-On Black Thermoplastic
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