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    GPS Antennas

    In simple terms, a GPS Antenna is a device that can receive and/or expand the distance of radiofrequency (RF) signals which come from distant GPS satellites. These GPS Antennas cleverly convert RF signals into electronic signals so they can be picked up by and used by GPS Receivers.

    Here at RS we stock a wide range of GPS Antennas that are manufactured by market-leading brands such as CTi, Molex, Siretta and more; all fit for purpose and ready for customer use.

    Types of GPS Antenna

    There are four main types of GPS Antenna; which all can be useful in their own ways:

    • An Internal GPS Antenna is an antenna that is mounted within a device. For example, internal antennas can receive a GPS signal through various barriers.
    • An External GPS Antenna is an antenna that is mounted in a remote location separate from the device. For example, if the device being used will be mounted in a location where it cannot acquire a GPS signal, then an External GPS Antenna should be used.
    • Passive Antennas will acquire GPS signals, then send them to GPS navigation units.
    • Active Antennas come with powerful amplifiers that permit them to pick signals from longer distances. In fact, the signals received by these amplified antennas are much stronger than the GPS device.
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